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2022 Activities

Celebration of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter Seasonal Meetings

The most significant events of the quarters that are coming to an end are recalled, celebrating the change of seasons and designing projects for the following quarters. In the midst of a cordial atmosphere, celebrations are held and are always accompanied by an agape of camaraderie among those attending these celebrations.

Celebration of the Day of Witness

Public event with a large influx of people to the Parks of Study and Reflection around the world, as it is the day on which the message that is transforming the world and the human being began. In our country, people from many parts of Spain and abroad will come to Toledo Park to commemorate this Day of Witness with a variety of activities. It will be accompanied by an agape of camaraderie.

World Day of Nonviolence

Nonviolence as the method of action of Universalist Humanism has been developed by the Community for Human Development since its inception in 1980. In this way we also promote the recommendation of the UN to all states, organisations and the general public to celebrate this day as World Day of Nonviolence in memory of the birth of Mahatma Gandhi. Musicians, dances and exhibitions will accompany the event.

Seminar-Workshop on "Violence, its forms" and on "Non-violence as a methodology of action"

To raise awareness and deepen the knowledge of violence, types of violence and its roots, as well as the knowledge of the methodology of non-violence as a form of action for social and personal change.

Seminar-Workshop on "Humanism and Humanitarianism"

To consider topics such as: poverty, a more humane economy, organisation of today's society, change without violence, how to see the human being of the future and personal change in order to change society. To enable participants to find answers to these questions and to propose solutions.

Seminar-Workshop on "Clay, Ceramics and their social and personal application in today's world"

Seminar included in the programme "The Craft of Fire", in which techniques of moulding, sculpture, plasticity around clay are developed, as well as the evolution of the human being from clay to ceramics. Techniques from other cultures. Mythological references to fire and clay as a moulder of the human brain.

Videos and photos summary of activities in the year 2022

Spring Seasonal Gathering 2022

May 7, 2022 - Testimony Day

Day of Experience and Meditation in Parque Toledo May 7, 2022

Welcome Summer 2022 seasonal meeting

Fall 2022 Seasonal Video Meeting

Summer Seasonal Meeting 2022

Fall 2022 Seasonal Gathering

Estacional otoño 2022

Day 1 October: commemoration of October 2, International Day of Non-violence

On the occasion of the commemoration of October 2, the International Day of Non-violence, the French Choir "Pasapaz", in which friends from the Study and Reflection Park participate. The Belle Idea. Some friends have invited them to present their music in our Park, so they performed in the Toledo Park on October 1, 2022, in which they presented their music to us.