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Projects for Creating and Constructing Spaces and Sites open to Inner Experience

The Pangea Foundation, recognizing and encouraging diversity in costumes and cultures, promotes the creation of "Study and Reflection Parks" - centers for the expression and diffusion of diverse human activities for Life and the Human Spirit.

These spaces and ambits, these Study and Reflection Parks, will act as beacons for meetings among different cultures, for expression, for reflection and for meditation.

They will be spaces where every Human Being may find profound inspiration.

Human support projects

The Foundation specifically supported the FIAH (Federación Internacional de Apoyo Humano - International Federation of Human Support) as agroup of associations that seeks and encourages peace, justice, solidarity and cooperation among all human beings, promoting the principles of reciprocity, coexistence, friendship, support and mutual aid.

Audiovisual projects oriented to the educational, academic and informative world

The "Ciudadanos del Mundo (Citizens of the World)" is an organisation with which the Foundation has worked closely, both in the production of educational and informative audiovisuals and in their dissemination, facilitating a greater understanding of different cultures through the best contributions of human knowledge.

The Foundation understands that the right to information means not only the right to receive it and the ability to process it, but also the right to produce it and the means to do so. Technology should be at the service of human communications, becoming a necessary tool for the education and formation of future generations, for the free circulation of information, and for active, critical and constructive participation in society.