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2023 Activities
Celebration of Seasonal Meetings of Spring (March 18), Summer (March 24), Autumn (September 23) and Winter (December 23)

The most significant events of each quarter that ends are remembered, meaning is given to the change of each season, projects are designed for the following quarters and experiences and projects are exchanged. These Meetings take place in the midst of a cordial atmosphere and are always accompanied by an agape of camaraderie among the attendees.

Presentation of the book “New Logics for New Generations”. Author: Angélica Soler (February)

This book claims and promotes the search for a triple vision, overcoming the binary vision (white-black, good-bad) to which we are accustomed and raises the need to implement it in schools so that the new generations can face a world new and diverse, using the best tools for it. It is aimed at parents, teachers, professors, students and anyone (of any age) who wants to understand the external world and himself in greater depth.

Conference on "Change and crisis" April 15 AND 16)

In this time of great change, individuals, institutions and society are in crisis. The change is faster and faster and so are the crises, both on a personal and social level, producing general disorientation regarding the future and what should be done in the present. Change is taking place in the economy, in technology and in society

First day: Presentation of Papers, Workshops and Audiovisual Productions.

Second day: Synthesis, conclusions, agreements and planning of activities. Joint presentation and closing of the event.

Testimony Day. Annual and worldwide celebration of the anniversary of the harangue "The Healing of Suffering". (May 6th)

Public event with a large influx of people to the Study and Reflection Parks around the world, as it was the day the message that is transforming the world and human beings began. In our country they come together at the Toledo Park, from many places in Spain and abroad, commemorating, with many different activities, this Day of Testimony. It will be accompanied by an agape of camaraderie.

World Day of Non-Violence (October 7)

Active Non-violence is the Action Methodology of Universalist Humanism, which has been disseminated and developed by the Community for Human Development since its foundation in 1980, with the aim of installing a new Human Culture that repudiates all types of discrimination and violence. In this way, the request of the UN in 2007 is also promoted, to all States, Institutions, Organisms, Associations and People to celebrate this day as "World Day of Non-Violence", October 2, in memory of the birth of Mahatma Gandhi.

The act is accompanied by musicians, dances, various activities and exhibitions

Seminar-Workshop on "Sustainable Development" (October 19)

Study the vision we have of our future and the responses to the main challenges facing the world, knowing that many advances have been affected by growing food insecurity, environmental deterioration and widespread inequalities. Show how climate change continues to happen much faster than anticipated, and how unsustainable patterns of production and consumption are still present.

Seminar-Workshop on "Technology and new generations" (November)

Technology has changed the way of seeing the world, communication, behaviors and schemes in education.

It will try to understand how all this has affected the way of life of the new generations that have a very strong profile of participation in social networks.

Videos and photos summary of activities in the year 2023

January 6, Silo's Birthday

Presentation of the Book New Logics for New Generations by Angélica Soler

Spring 2023 Seasonal Meeting

Workshop Registration and the space of representation

Testimony Day, May 6, 2023

Conversing with Roberto Kohanoff May 2023

Seasonal Meeting Summer 2023