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The Foundation intends to spread to the different cultures from the towns, showing, mainly, the common elements that, in these cultures, they have been present in all the times. Of this form it is tried, as aim I complete of the Foundation, to favor the understanding, the affection and the tolerance between the people, mainly at these moment where the migratory movements have great importance, producing shocks between the cultures that could be avoided with a greater diffusion of the tolerance, not-violence and cooperation among them.


The Foundation when taking the name from “Pangea”, wants to stand out in an image, the unit of all earth, the cultural ideal that animates it, but with the hope of a future in which all the nations end up comprising of a universal human nation, without discriminations, irritating differences and, at the same time, emphasizing the cultural differences of the different towns that can harmonize themselves in a common ideal. The territories of our planet went away separating, according to they verify geologic sciences, and in this separation they went forming the ethnic groups and the cultures and the nations. Today, nevertheless, the contacts between the diverse towns tend to increase themselves and, thanks to the cultural impulse of science, the technique, the art and the economy, the Earth begin to be a geographic but no longer cultural globalidad. The Pangea Foundation as cultural organization wants to contribute its effort to the development of the art, science and the culture fomenting the interchange for a greater and better understanding between the towns.