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In early 2004 a project to build Parks of Study and Reflection around the world was launched. This ongoing project has been evolving in breadth and scope.

5 Regional Halls will be built, one in each in:  Norht América (in California), Sout América (near Buenos Aires, Argentina), Europa (in Attigliano, Italy) and Asia (near Mumbai, India).

In most cases, the Halls will be part of a larger complex that encompasses the Hall proper, a stainless steel monolith, a multi-use building, a fountain, etc.

The following National Halls are also being contemplated: Punta de Vacas, (Mendoza, Argentina), Los Manantiales (near Santiago, Chile) and Toledo (Spain).

The first Hall was built in the Chaco province of Argentina in 1977. It continues to be used today as an experimental site.

Communities of the Message normally open Neighborhood Halls were they carry out their day to day activities.

Major Halls are typically located in the outskirts of metropolitan areas and close to major road intersections.

Halls are meant to to be places for the realization of ceremonies, conferences and other events.

Each Hall is initially financed through a fundraising campaign. The moneys collected are then administered by a Non-Profit Corporation which purchases the land, builds and maintains the complex.