The hope of a future in which all nations end up being part of a universal human nation

Toledo study and reflection park


They are spaces open to study and reflection to deepen oneself and favor non-discrimination, affection and reciprocity in the treatment of others...

The Hall

Its interior symbolizes access to deep inner experience through an empty hemispherical space of icons, symbols or images...

The Monolith

Built entirely in stainless steel to reflect the current era,...

The fountain

It represents allegorically the energy by the fusion of feminine and masculine principles.

Center of Work

It is the place where retreats and personal work days are held.

Entrance Gate

Mark the boundary between the externality of the world and the interiority of the human being,...

Donor Wall

The names of all those who contributed to the construction of the Park are engraved on it, ...

Center of Study

Scope where the School works are developed.


It is the place where the Office of Fire is developed: conservation and production of fire,...




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Faros de la Humanidad documentary series.
Parks of study and reflection.




The Foundation intends to spread to the different cultures from the towns, showing, mainly, the common elements that, in these cultures, they have been present in all the times.


Welcome to the Inauguration


Fundación Pangea

In adopting the name of “Pangea”, the Foundation seeks to highlight an image: the unity of all lands. This is the cultural ideal that animates this project, in hopes of a future when all nations are part of a universal human nation, without discrimination, without aggravating differences, yet bringing out cultural differences that can be harmonized in a common ideal.

As geological science demonstrates, the continents on our planet moved apart over time, and it was in that separation that the ethnic groups, cultures and nations were formed.

Nevertheless, contact today between diverse peoples is increasing. Thanks to the cultural impetus of science, technology, art, and economy, the Earth is becoming a global entity - this time in a cultural, rather than in a geographic, sense.

The Pangea Foundation wants to contribute its efforts as a cultural entity toward the development of the arts, science and culture, fostering interchange for a wider and better understanding among peoples.

Pangea was established in the year 2000, with the purpose of fostering understanding, appreciation and tolerance among peoples. This is espcially important at this time when significant migratorymovements are producing cultural clashes - clashes which might be avoided through the spread of tolerance, non-violence and cooperation among cultures.

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Some activities in Parks of Study and Reflection Toledo


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