Report Trip to Egito - Cairo and Alexandria - April 2006

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Between 11th and 19th April we carried out the program of events, and institutional and academic activities scheduled by the Pangea Foundation in Cairo and Alexandria.


The first event took place at the National Library and Archives of Egypt in Cairo on April 12th. 

The event was introduced by the Director of the National Library of Egypt Dr. Mohamed Saber, the  President of the visiting Spanish Delegation of Toledo Mr. José Manuel Tofiño, the President of the Pangea Foundation (the promoter of the event), and the representative of the Institute Cervantes (that has been cooperating with the Pangea Foundation and Citizens of the World since 2005). 

Relevant presentations were made by the academic specialists in Hispanic culture Dr. Salah Fadl and Dr. Soliman El Atar, the archaeologist and member of the Spanish delegation from Toledo Dr. Jesús Carrobles, and for UNED ( Universidad Española de Ecuación a Distancia ) Dr. Aurora Marquina. 

For the occasion, the video "Toledo-Alexandria, Beacons of Humanity" was shown. 

Contemporarily there took place an exhibition of engravings that had already been shown in December 2005 at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina and the Institute Cervantes of Cairo. These engravings were made between the XVI and XX centuries and belong to the Cultural Patrimony of  Toledo. The exhibition was organised by Dr. Jesus Carrobles (Delegation Province of  Toledo) and by Mr. Miguel Angel Invarato (Pangea Foundation). 

The exhibition was opened by the Director of the Library of Egypt, the President of the Spanish delegation of Toledo, and the president of the Pangea Foundation. 

Academic personalities attended this exhibition in Cairo, a wide political delegation from the Province of Toledo, the Cervantes Institute and representatives of the diplomatic bodies of Spain and Cuba.

The news on the event was disseminated by the printed media, news agencies, TV channels and radios. 

People invited from Spain, Italy, Hungary, Argentina and France attended this event.

It was a highly positive experience.

In his declarations to the press, radio and TV, the  President of the Spanish Delegation of Toledo - D. José Manuel Tofiño - expressed his interest in continuing the collaboration with the Pangea Foundation, in the project for the creation of bridges among Cultures and Peoples. He explicitly manifested his intention to actively cooperate with the Foundation.

On April 16th a second event took place, this time at the University of Cairo.  
The same video was shown and the conference followed the lines of that at the Library. 
The speakers were Dr. Mahmoud El Sayed, director of the Department of Ibero-American Studies of the University of Cairo; Mr. Eduardo Gozalo, President of the Pangea Foundation-Spain, and Mr. Alvaro Orus, member of the documentary production team.

Approximately one hundred students attended the conference. Practically the whole act was carried out in Spanish, since the participants were part of the over 1000 students that study in the Ibero-American Department of the Faculty of Humanities of this University.

We are preparing the projects for the new academic year 2006-2007.  
In June 2006, the third documentary production "Frederic II, a bridge between East and West" was presented at the University of Naples Frederic II.
In November 2006 the documentary will be presented in Cairo and in Alexandria.
All the work that has been made may help us deepen the understanding of the region.

The work has been scheduled over the next 2 years.
The Foundation has also contacted the University of Al-Azhar for future collaborations and projects.

The work has been scheduled over the next 2 years.
The Foundation has also contacted the University of Al-Azhar for future collaborations and projects.

On April 19th we met the Vice-director of the Alexandrine Library, Ambassador Taher Khalifa. We agreed upon all the details for the signing of a framework agreement of collaboration between the Alexandrine Library and the Pangea Foundation.  The date was fixed on July 2006, and the next activity scheduled for November 2006.
The agreement gives continuity to the activities begun in the Alexandrine Library in December 2005, with the intention of arranging with the Library the implementation of a program of conferences and workshops to promote the understanding among cultures as a step forward towards our common goals.

Some days before, also in Alexandria, we had met with the Vice Dean of the University of Alexandria, with whom we had begun our relationship by the end of 2005. 

We hope to be able to come to a framework agreement with them as well so that we may do joint activities in the near future. 
Up to now, the efforts made by the Foundation have turned into agreements of academic cooperation among the Universities of Cairo, Alexandria and UNED (Open University of Spain)