Signature of the I Agreement of Cooperation with Diputación de Toledo

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The past day of  9 of October of the 2006 in Toledo an cooperation agreement between the Pangea Foundation and the  "Diputación de Toledo".

The signature of the attended the president of foundation D. Eduardo  Gozalo Gonzalez and the president of the "Diputación de Toledo" D. José Manuel Tofiño Pérez. They were accompanied in the act by other members of the Foundation and the president of the Foundation Juan de Mariana D. Jesús Carrobles Santos.

The agreement of de cooperation is framed within the projects of the Pangea Foundation to promote the tolerance,

the understanding and the interchange between different cultures and that they have a historical patrimony common.

The audio-visual production "Toledo-Alejandria, Bracons of the Humanity" projected in the universities and cultural centers of diverse European cities and of the area of the Mediterranean will be referring that creates the bridges of union between these someimes so faced cultures and simultaneously so next ones in its roots an his to common happen.
This DVD has been elaborated by the "ciudadanos del Mundo" ONG in collaboration with the "escuela de traductores de Toledo" and the "Diputacion Provincial".

The ageement will have validity until end of the 2007. Prorrogable by mutual expandable ageement and for the activities that Toledo Park the future, who has their location in the municipality of Ocaña and that is predictes its inauguration in the next year.

With this agreement the Pangea Foundation as well as the "Diputacion de Toledo" commit to the realization of cultural coincident activities with the indicated objetives and centered in the setting in march of investigation programs and development in thematic different areas. The two organizations will organize exhibitions,conferences,seminaries and factories and will disclose the works made jointly, putting them to disposition of public institutions, investigating and citizen in general.