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Pangea Foundation together with the Centre of Humanist Studies of Moscow and the University of Friendship among Peoples (previously University Patrice Lumumba), organized the seminar “Non-violence and Tolerance among Peoples, past, present and future”. Professors and intellectuals from different Universities and Institutions lectured for two days. The proceedings will be published in Russian and Spanish.

After this event we had the opportunity to sign a Framework Agreement to cooperate in the dissemination of the culture of the non-violence, tolerance and understanding among all Peoples.
The agreement was signed by the Dean of the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences: Dr. Vladimir A. Tsvyk, the President of the Centre of Humanist Studies of Moscow: Hugo Novotny and the President of the Pangea Foundation: Eduardo Gozalo.

During these days the documentaries “Toledo-Alexandria, Beacons of humanity”, “Frederic II, a bridge between East and West” and “Non-violence” were shown.
Given their quality level and the focus with a high educational and historical content, these documentaries are going to be used in several Universities of Russia as educational material

The Cultural Attaché of the Embassy of Egypt, Dr. Ali Ghaleb Ahmed Ghaleb, was one of the speakers and expressed a very positive opinion. He said he was ready to support this project in Egypt, developing future cultural, institutional and university activities. He also manifested his support to the creation of the future Multicultural Park of Alexandria.


University of Friendship among Peoples (former University Patrice Lumumba)

Afterwards, the documentary on Non-violence through history was presented to students and professors of the university community. 

The end result of this seminar was a formal project  to implement joint academic activities, and -in two years’ time- to build a Multicultural Park in Russia, probably in the outskirts of Moscow.

Mass Media Department

En un amistoso encuentro, se propuso la celebración de Seminarios conjuntos a partir del 2007, así como su proyección en los medios de comunicación.
In a friendly encounter, it was agreed that Joint Seminars would be held starting from 2007, as well as their dissemination through the mass media.

Meeting with Nina Badimovna, Head of the Mass Media Department.

We also met Serguey Pojorov, professor specialised in Compared Religions of the University of Saint Petersburg.

Institute of State Studies of the Presidency.

In this meeting, great interest was shown in establishing a framework of cooperation in the multicultural project of the Park of Russia, since a great sensibility exists for the multicultural problems that are appearing in the Russian Federation, where great number of cultures and religions cohabit and where nationalist phenomena are increasing.

University Lomonosov

Interviews with the specialists in Bizantium, in view of the production of a new documentary on the contributions Bizantium has given to knowledge.

Specialist in the History of Bizantium.

Professor Mikhail Bibikov

Specialist in the History of Byzantine Art.

Professor Olga Etingoff

Agreements have been made for academic and institutional collaboration, as well as for audiovisual productions that will be implemented over the next months.