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The Pangea Foundation is inspired by the principles of New Humanism to consider the human being as a central value, to promote equal opportunities for all, to recognise diversity by opposing all discrimination, to promote freedom of thought and to fight against all forms of violence. These characterise its thinking and action in the most general aspects.

One of our objectives is to disseminate the different cultures of the peoples of the world by highlighting the common elements that have always been present in these cultures. In this way we aim to promote understanding, affection and tolerance among people, especially in these times when migratory movements are of great importance, producing clashes between cultures that could be avoided with a greater diffusion of tolerance, non-violence and cooperation between them.

On the outskirts of Ocaña is the "Toledo Park of Study and Reflection", the physical location of the Pangea Foundation. It is an open space to go deeper into oneself and to promote non-discrimination, affection and reciprocity in the treatment of others. There, all kinds of activities are carried out in the direction of the Foundation's objectives.

The activities of the Pangea Foundation are financed thanks to the disinterested help of its collaborators.

We are grateful for their support.

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